About Us

"Nature itself is the best physician"

- Hippocrates

Every product has its own story to tell and values to deliver.




From The Founder

“I had a severe hair fall issue and in search of cure for it ended up in using many harsh chemical stuffed products which in turn affected my health and hormone balance negatively. As a mother of 2 children, I don’t want my kids to use harsh and non skin-friendly chemicals on their skin. After seeking a way to solve this, I found a good trainer and educated myself on natural, organic cosmetic making. It began as a hobby and I made products for personal use which gradually extended to relatives and friends. After seeing immense positive response and frequent product request from family and friends, I got encouraged in bringing those products to market, to everyone who are in need of daily natural cosmetics. Now Parambarik Cosmetics is 3 years old and I am very happy to see my transition into an entrepreneur.

Parambarik’s mission is to bring clean and sustainable skincare range into Indian market.

A big thanks to my husband Mr. M Premkumar for being an integral part of Parambarik Cosmetics and to my own family as well as Parambarik family who inspire and support me to achieve this mission.”

Simi Prem

Founder, Parambarik Cosmetics

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